LinkedIn partners with iHeartMedia to expand podcast offering

Partnership includes collaboration with leading industry shows and enhanced resources for podcasters

Business and employment social media platform LinkedIn has partnered with podcast publisher iHeartMedia to expand its offering within the business podcast space. 

With this partnership, iHeartMedia will co-produce a new slate of shows for the LinkedIn Podcast Network focused on content for professionals looking to get ahead in their career, as well as monetise them by connecting the podcasts with brands that are interested in the professional space. 

The Linkedin Podcast Network is a space in which the social media platform showcases a number of award-winning career and business podcasts created by LinkedIn and its partners. The space enables the hosts to build a community with their fans by engaging with them through posts, newsletters, LinkedIn Live events, and more. Through the partnership, all podcasts within the LinkedIn Podcast Network will now be distributed on the iHeartRadio app, LinkedIn Newsletters, and all major podcast platforms.

“We are excited to partner with iHeartMedia to bring a new level of connection and conversation to the podcast space,” said LinkedIn head of original programming Courtney Coupe. “Whether it’s around negotiation, the latest disruption in tech, or job seeking, our members have shown us they are hungry to listen and discuss these professional topics. By combining the scale of LinkedIn’s professional platform and iHeart’s reach and resources, we can offer podcasters a truly unique experience and build the communities and conversations that we know our members crave."

As part of the partnership, LinkedIn and iHeartMedia will licence leading business and B2B podcasts, bringing them onto the network in order to to help them grow and monetise their podcast. The companies will also team up to offer new resources for niche and emerging business podcasters with qualifying podcasters gaining streamlined access to LinkedIn tools and coaching, as well as hosting, distribution, and monetisation through iHeart, and co-branding opportunities from the LinkedIn Podcast Network and iHeartMedia.

“iHeartMedia is thrilled to team up with LinkedIn to help propel professional conversations through the podcast space,” said iHeartMedia digital audio group CEO Conal Byrne. “The combination of our vast reach and industry resources and expertise with LinkedIn’s professional network will allow us to bring a new level of innovation and growth to the communities business creators care about most.”

After the successful launch of the LinkedIn Podcast Network in February 2022, the platform launched a six-month inaugural podcast academy in March this year, which features 19 participating shows from emerging business podcasters and helps them expand their audience and connect with fans through exclusive programming, coaching tools, and LinkedIn co-branding.