Descript will no longer support new Classic projects after 1 October

All new projects will have to move to the new Descript, AKA Storyboard

All-in-one video and podcast editing platform Descript has announced that, starting from 1 October, users will no longer be able to create new projects using the platform’s older Descript Classic interface. 

Instead, users will have to transition to the new Descript interface, also known as Storyboard, to create new projects. Older projects will also not be maintained on Descript Classic after 1 October so users are recommended to copy their Classic projects onto the new Descript so they don’t risk interruptions. 

Descript is an audio editing platform which uses AI to automatically transcribe audio files, allowing users to edit recordings by making changes to the text. The platform also incorporates tools which allow users to clone their voice in order to generate new audio and blend it into the recording automatically. 

The platform has historically focused mainly on audio recording, but to support the growing interest in video podcasting, the platform received a major overhaul in November last year, with a new user interface and new features that make it easy to edit videos, images, and captions through a script format, as well as new templates and asset libraries. Descript also claims that it has fixed “over 1,000 bugs and made hundreds of the improvements you’ve asked for” across the new interface.

“I think the coolest thing about Descript is that we didn’t really make a choice between being simple or powerful; we just figured out how to use AI to reimagine video editing in a way that we can be both of those things,” said Descript CEO Andrew Mason in a video announcing the new platform

According to Descript, over 80% of its users have already switched to the new interface. Users that have not made the switch can also access a how-to guide on making that transition on the Descript website or join a live session on 1 August at 10am PST (6PM BST).