Libsyn renews exclusivity deal with comedy podcast The Commercial Break

Podcast to continue monetising through AdvertiseCast’s full-service advertising platform

Podcast hosting platform Libsyn has announced that it has renewed its exclusive advertising deal between its AdvertiseCast platform and comedy podcast The Commercial Break.

With this partnership, The Commercial Break will continue to be monetised through AdvertiseCast with a range of tools such as host read, programmatic, and dynamic advertising, giving the podcast access to over 1,500 brands on the platform. 

“As leaders in the podcast advertising industry, we are thrilled to renew our exclusive ad partnership with The Commercial Break, the top improv comedy chat-cast,” said AdvertiseCast head of publisher relations Trevr Smithlin. “Their unique blend of humour and engaging content continues to captivate audiences, and we are excited to continue delivering impactful advertising solutions to advertisers looking to reach their dedicated listenership.”

The Commercial Break is a hit comedy podcast hosted by best friends and creators Bryan Green and Krissy Hoadly. The podcast has been running since 2020 with hour-long episodes releasing once a week, and has gained massive popularity with more than 30 million downloads since it launched. The podcast is also available to watch in a video format on YouTube where the channel currently has over 2,500 subscribers. 

“Krissy and I started the show as an outlet during the serious events of 2020,” said Green. “We joined AdvertiseCast shortly after the show launched and we’ve grown the audience and monetised our podcast with them as our partner. I am very excited to continue the partnership with this great group of dedicated salespeople, podcast professionals, and podcast technology experts. Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast supported us, as independent creators, when we needed that support the most. I look forward to growing together over the next year.”

Other monetisation tools that Libsyn offers include its podcast subscription platform, which allows creators to build a membership program and concentrate on creating exclusive content for subscribers while Libsyn runs the subscription services. With Libsyn’s recent partnership between and Spotify, this bonus content is also now accessible for subscribers through the Spotify platform.