Calm partners with Spotify to release meditative sessions as podcast episodes

Includes Camilla Cabello’s Breathe Into It sessions

Mental wellness brand Calm has partnered with Spotify to make its content accessible to more audiences by offering 11 of its shows as podcasts on the streaming platform. 

Spotify users that aren’t subscribed to Calm will now be able to listen to these sessions, which include Calm for Beginners, Calm for Sleep, Calm for Stress & Anxiety, Calm For Kids, Calm for Meditation, Daily Mindfulness, and musician Camilla Cabello’s Breathe Into It sessions.

“One of the challenges of practising mindfulness is finding time for it amid the many demands of day-to-day life,” Calm stated. “That’s why we’ve teamed up with Spotify to make some of our best content conveniently available in the Spotify podcast catalogue.”

“The eleven carefully-curated Calm shows on Spotify are designed to support mental wellbeing and help people sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and build mindful habits.”

This partnership is part of Spotify Open Access which allows external partners with an existing subscription model to publish their bonus podcast content on the streaming platform and restrict it based on their existing subscription rules. Partners that have used this feature in the past include podcast company Libsyn, through its third party monetisation platform, Pushkin+, APM Studios, Slate +, and many more. 

Non-subscribers of Calm would have to sign up for a free trial or membership on the Calm app if they would like to access any other additional content that isn’t free for Spotify users, while existing subscribers can access the additional content on the streaming platform too. 

In addition to its partnership with Spotify, Calm’s audio offerings are also accessible for subscribers on the Apple Podcasts app, through the latest iOS 17 feature which allows users to connect eligible app store subscriptions to top apps with Apple Podcasts. This also includes global news apps such as Bloomberg and The Washington Post, kids and family apps like Lingokids, and so on.