Libsyn signs exclusive multi-year advertising deal with Knock ‘Em Dead podcast

Podcast will be monetised through Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast tools

Podcast hosting platform Libsyn has signed an exclusive multi-year advertising deal with newly-launched comedy podcast Knock ‘Em Dead, the company has announced. 

The podcast, hosted by stand-up comedians Rachel Bradley and Christopher Titus, covers all aspects of dying and features interviews with hospice nurses, doulas, survivors of near death experiences, and more. The podcast will be produced in both video and audio form. 

With this partnership, Bradley and Titus will be able to monetise the podcast via Libsyn’s advertising marketplace AdvertiseCast, which hosts a range of advertising tools including dynamic ad insertion, host-read ads, and programmatic advertising. The co-hosts will also have the option to expand their revenue stream through Libsyn Subscriptions which allows fans to subscribe to ad-free and bonus content. 

“The AdvertiseCast team at Libsyn has played a pivotal role in connecting us with high-quality advertisers and expanding the audience of our current show," said Titus. “As we launch our new podcast, Knock ‘Em Dead, we look forward to strengthening our AdvertiseCast partnership to build new brand relationships and reach more listeners.”

Titus has already previously signed an advertising partnership with Libsyn for the Christopher Titus Podcast, which he also co-hosts alongside Bradley as well as rapper Ken Hylind, and has over 7 million downloads. Titus has already started to grow his audience for the Knock ‘Em Dead podcast, which launched three days ago and already has 5,000 downloads per episode according to its AdvertiseCast listing. 

“Christopher Titus and his team have done a phenomenal job in building a massive audience for the Titus podcast, and we’re eager to support the growth of their latest comedy project,” said Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast head of publisher relations Trevr Smithlin. “We’re excited to introduce new advertisers to the Knock ‘Em Dead podcast and provide the team with the necessary tools to grow and monetize their show.”