Colleen Ballinger’s podcast Oversharing is ending after three episodes

Co-host Trisha Paytas says she’s “never wanted a chapter in my life to be over faster than this”

Comedy podcast Oversharing with Colleen Ballinger & Trisha Paytas is officially ending after just three episodes, Paytas has revealed in a YouTube video. 

The news follows accusations that were made against Ballinger, also known by her viral YouTube personality Miranda Sings, over sharing Paytas’s adult OnlyFans content with minor fans to make fun of her and her body. 

Paytas condemned Ballinger for her actions in a YouTube video posted on 3 July after a fan posted several unverified screenshots on Twitter of these interactions with Ballinger. The co-host later posted a video on Saturday confirming that the podcast has officially ceased production due to wider child grooming allegations made against Ballinger, stating that she “never wanted a chapter in my life to be over faster than this”.

“The podcast ending after three episodes is embarrassing, us doing all this is embarrassing,” said Paytas in the YouTube video. “...We did invest a lot into this, like I really was just so excited to do something produced and then it all went to crap, but it’s for the better, and now I’m just trying to pivot.”

In addition to cancelling the podcast, several of Ballinger’s live shows have also been cancelled in the midst of the creator’s national tour, although the show’s producer has not yet officially announced it. 

Ballinger also hosts another podcast with Audioboom titled RELAX! with husband and actor Erik Stocklin. The podcast, which has been running weekly for 122 episodes, has not released a new episode since 7 June, although it has not been officially cancelled. PodPod has reached out to Audioboom to confirm if the podcast still plans to move forward.