Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

How Barbie became the most famous doll in the world

With just two weeks to go until the Barbie movie premiere, a new podcast has launched diving into the history of the doll and how it has managed to make such a cultural impact - enough content to go off before the film is officially out. For F1 fans, there’s also a new podcast on the history of Silverstone, and a range of other new releases for all other audiences that don’t care about either. 

This week’s industry recommendations also range from comedy podcast experts to production company heads and more, exploring everything from pop culture to financial advice with more content that you can listen to this weekend. 

Naomi Mellor - Co-founder, Everybody Media

The podcast episode I listened to most recently was Matt Barr's conversation with adventure photographer and film-maker Melody Sky for his podcast Looking Sideways, which seeks to uncover the most interesting stories in action sports. There's also a brilliant mini-series called Type 2 from outdoor brand Patagonia which features an excellent conversation about the future of ethical business with Patagonia's president Jenna Johnson.

Jelena Sofronijevic - Production coordinator, Message Heard

This week, Eleanor Wachtel, presenter and co-founder of Writers & Company, retired after 33 years on the show. Fond farewells from everyone from Salman Rushdie to Zadie Smith are a testament to Wachtel's wonderful legacy; her announcement also serves as a reminder to go back into the archives of this classic Canadian radio programme.

Giles Gear - Founder, Cheerful Earful Podcast Festival

For lovers of film, TV and all things pop-culture, look no further than The Weekly Planet - two Aussie pals who have been podcasting for years, mixing hilarious tangents with reviews and run-downs of cinema. It feels very ‘old school’ podcasting to me: two great mates having a great time, and you really feel in the room with them. 

Rhian Roberts - Podcasts commissioner, BBC Radio 4

I’m listening to Wiser Than Me from Lemonada. I loved the host Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep and she’s splendid here in conversation with some outstanding women. The episode with Jane Fonda has so many amazing anecdotes and I love a bit of light but effective swearing.

Michael Bartley - Business and technology practice director, Brands2Life

This week I’ve primarily been listing to the Making Money podcast. Don’t worry, it’s not a series of illicit schemes to make money on the side – it covers financial topics like investing, pensions and the psychology of money. In the current climate, I’m sure we could all appreciate a helping hand!

Freshly dropped

Upfront season 2

This financial services podcast, produced by Fresh Air on behalf of software company Iress, is back for its second season, taking a frank look at the issues that matter to organisations in the industry. Hosted by comedian Olga Koch, the first episode landed on Wednesday.

LA Made: The Barbie Tapes

Ahead of the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s hotly-anticipated Barbie film, this new series of LA Made from LAist Studios delves into the history of the iconic doll, examining her cultural impact and why she’s such an enduring symbol. The first of four episodes was published 6 July, with new episodes weekly.

Corner by Corner: Silverstone 

This podcast on the history of the famous Silverstone race track debuts ahead of the British Grand Prix on Sunday. Hosted by The Modern Mann’s Ollie Peart, the show includes interviews with Formula One experts to celebrate the circuit’s 75-year history. The five-episode series launched a s a boxset on BBC Sounds on 2 July.

A Yarn with our Elders 

Launched by Australian financial services provider Bendigo Bank to mark Australia’s National Aboriginals and Islanders Day Observance Committee week, A Yarn with our Elders is an effort to increase understanding of First Nations culture through conversations with Elders of the community. All four episodes launched on 2 July.

The Booker Prize Podcast

The Booker Prize Podcast is a new show from The Booker Prize Foundation, which looks at the history and context of the world-renowned literary prize. Hosted by broadcaster James Walton and author Jo Hamya, the show is produced by British Podcast Award-winning company Daddy’s SuperYacht Productions. The first episode launched yesterday.