Novel partners with sexual violence nonprofit No More to launch true-crime podcast

Podcast to raise awareness about justice for domestic abuse survivors

Podcast company Novel has announced the launch of a new true-crime series, in partnership with domestic and sexual violence awareness nonprofit organisation NO MORE. 

The nine-part podcast series, titled The Girlfriends, tells the story behind Gail Katz who was murdered by ex-surgeon Robert Bierenbaum in 1985. The podcast is told from the perspective of a group of women who all dated Bierenbaum, and in 1995 formed a group to gather evidence to put him behind bars when the justice system failed Katz. 

Carole Fisher, one of members of the group, is the host of the series which will feature interviews with the rest of the members of the group on what they experienced during their relationships with Bierenbaum. The weekly podcast is launching 10 July across all major podcast platforms.

The partnership with NO MORE will help the organisation raise awareness for survivors of domestic violence and will help them find the support that they need. 

“At NO MORE, we strongly believe that media and entertainment can play an important role in changing the culture that has allowed the epidemic of domestic violence to persist,” said NO MORE CEO Pamela Zaballa. “We’re grateful to Novel for using this powerful story to help fuel real and lasting change.”

Other true-crime podcasts from Novel include Filthy Ritual which was created in partnership with Global, on the story behind convicted conwoman Juliette D’Souza who claimed that she was a shaman with healing powers and took a total of £1 million through scamming vulnerable people. The series is hosted by the creators and hosts of award-winning true-crime podcast RedHanded, Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala.