Podcast ads are highly effective among Spanish listeners, survey finds

New research shows podcast ads are received better than radio and music streaming ads

Podcast ads are extremely effective at improving discovery and perception of brands among Spanish listeners, according to the results of a new survey.

The study, conducted by Attest on behalf of Acast, surveyed 400 people in Spain who listen to podcasts on a daily basis. The findings showed that 81% of podcast listeners found new brands through hearing about them on podcast ads, and 80% visited a website in response to podcast ads multiple times.

Furthermore, among the participants, acceptance of podcast ads was three times higher than ads in music streaming services, and twice as high as ads on linear radio. 97% of respondents also reported that when they heard a brand advertised on a podcast, their perception of that brand either remained positive or improved.

"Spain's thriving podcast market brings lucrative advertising opportunities,” said Megan Davies, Acast’s managing director for international. “With rapid content growth and rising listenership - Acast saw 6 million monthly listens to its hosted content in Spain in May - and dynamic events, podcasting in Spain is poised to rival other European countries. Our research confirms attentive listeners and reveals a prime window for brands to make a mark through podcast advertising."

While podcasting is well-established in the UK and US, platforms like Acast are increasingly looking to other territories where strong growth in listeners could yield potential advertising opportunities. According to Statista’s figures, for example, Latin America is expected to have an equal share of podcast listeners to Western Europe within three years.