New Tortoise podcast to investigate corporate espionage

Into The Dirt follows story of “misunderstood whistleblower” Rob Moore

News organisation Tortoise Media has announced the launch of a new six-part podcast digging into the world of corporate espionage, presented by Tortoise editor Ceri Thomas and head of investigations Alexi Mostrous.

The new show, Into The Dirt, follows Rob Moore, a former Brass Eye producer who was hired to infiltrate an environmental campaign organisation before double-crossing his initial employers and turning his support to the campaigners. He maintained his status as a double agent for several years, until he was discovered in 2016, and now sees himself as “a misunderstood whistleblower”.

“In the years since we first met, Rob has described himself as many things to me: a whistleblower, a journalist, but over a decade ago when all of this started, he was a spy,” said Thomas; “a corporate spy.”

Into The Dirt comes from the team behind Tortoise’s smash-hit podcast Sweet Bobby, including the show’s host Mostrous, and producer Gary Marshall. The podcast is also executive produced by Basia Cummings with sound design by Karla Patella.

Sweet Bobby is one of the brand’s most successful podcasts, and still continues to deliver new listens, according to head of marketing and membership Claudia Collins. The new podcast will sit alongside it and other investigative shows such as Londongrad.

The release will help support Tortoise’s membership-based revenue strategy, with the first three episodes released to the brand’s members and Apple Podcasts subscribers tomorrow. The first two episodes will be available on all platforms from tomorrow, with new episodes weekly.