New podcast app for children launched

KidsPod mobile app is free to use, with extra features via subscription

A new podcast listening app designed specifically for children has been launched today, intended to give parents a way to provide screen-free entertainment and learning.

Launched by KidsPod Co., the KidsPod mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices, and includes more than 300 podcasts at time of launch. The app’s catalogue is hand-curated by the KidsPod team, and podcasters can visit their website in order to register their interest in being added.

The app is available for free, with unlimited listening to the service’s full catalogue, but a paid option - for $4.99 per month or $34.99 per year - provides additional quality-of-life features such as offline listening, playlist creation, a favourites tool and even an in-app colouring book. 

“We believe podcasts benefit children and adults in much the same way,” said Jessica Ray, KidsPod Co. CEO and co-founder. “But for kids, who learn by listening more so than reading, they are absolutely transformational. Kids’ podcasts democratise the internet and education in a way unlike anything else. They are also a great parenting hack – absolute guilt-free screen time.”

The app was developed in collaboration with Dubit Limited, a Leeds-based tech firm that specialises in creating metaverse-based games and gaming content, and Utah-based developer Motomtech. 

“Just like adults, kids like to multitask while they listen,” said KidsPod Co. co-founder and head of content Rachel Lacy. “Podcast creators are already publishing colouring pages and activities on their websites, but that’s one more thing a child can’t safely access on their own.” 

“While we fell in love with the screen-free nature of audio entertainment, making podcasts more interactive helps audio compete with streaming and gaming when kids do have a device in hand.”

Children’s podcasting is a growing category, with networks like Fun Kids specialising in producing educational and entertaining content, and brands such as Hasbro launching kids’ podcasts based on key brands.