Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

The News Agents cover Trump’s trial

PodPod’s Earworms feature has returned once again, and once again, this week has seen a cavalcade of new and exciting podcast launches, so we’ve summarised some of the most interesting ones for you to tune into this weekend. 

As always, we’ve also asked some industry experts to give us their top podcast recommendations, including top leaders from companies like Say it Now, Poddle Audio and History Hit.

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Alisha Dandridge - Head of marketing, Mags Creative 

I am a loyal follower of The Receipts Podcast and rarely miss a Wednesday episode. Tolly, Milena and Audrey feel like my sisters. They never fail to make me laugh (embarrassingly on public transport many times!). I can listen to the podcast when I'm running, walking, shopping; you name it, it's the perfect podcast to have in your pocket. If you're looking for unfiltered chats, and a belly laugh - this is the one for you.

Steve Lanham - Head of podcasts, History Hit

Everything that the Aunt Nell team touches is worthy of your attention and Queer Routes and Roots is no exception. Beautifully designed, the stories centre you in a world which can feel both alien and totally relatable. The first episode on belonging is funny, sad and incredibly thought-provoking. I can't recommend it enough.

Dee Reddy - Managing director, Poddle Audio

I finished Blood on the Dancefloor in record time yesterday. It tells the story of the homophobic and sectarian murder of Darren Bradshaw, a 24-year-old RUC officer in 1997. The tragedy of what unfolded is beautifully balanced with an, at times, joyful celebration of the 90s Belfast gay scene.

Charles Cadbury - CEO, Say It Now

I listen to My First Million on my ride home on a very regular basis. It’s all about the start-up journey, the hustle, and running a business - and that’s all I know. 

Tom Whalley - Freelance sound designer and producer, The Wire Stripped 

My Earworm has to be Tim Harford’s Cautionary Tales, produced by Pushkin. The sound design and level of research are at a super high level, and Tim has fun with his subjects whilst also making them relatable and always wearing his knowledge lightly. The series basically tells the tale of a catastrophe and pulls on the strands that lead to it, revealing the key errors and demonstrating why we make them. 

Freshly dropped

The News Agents USA

After its successful launch in the UK last year, which led to 24 million downloads within seven months, Global’s current affairs podcast The News Agents has expanded into the US. The spin-off is hosted by veteran journalists and two of the original cast, Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis and its first episode debuted 13 June, covering Donald Trump’s trial in Miami. 

Tinfoil Swans

Food & Wine magazine has launched a new podcast titled Tinfoil Swans with intimate conversations featuring some of the biggest names in the culinary world, including Guy Fieri who featured in the first episode of the podcast which was released on Tuesday this week. 

Show on the Road

Automotive online marketplace Auto Trader has released a new branded podcast produced by Fresh Air titled Show on the Road on Wednesday this week, which takes celebrity guests on a road trip while they talk about their experiences from the passenger seat. Guests that will feature in the first series include Jill Scott, Scarlett Moffatt, Iain Sterling, and many more.

The Perfect Pitch

Ahead of Spotify’s appearance at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2023, the audio giant launched its new marketing game show The Perfect Pitch on Monday this week. The series, which will record bonus content live from the Spotify Beach at Cannes, is hosted by TV presenter Hunter March and each episode features two audio producers responding to a creative brief from a brand and competing to create a winning advertising campaign.

VS: Little Debates That Are a Big Deal 

Journalist and co-host of Pod Save The UK, Coco Khan, is the host of a new podcast by Intelligence Squared titled VS which features light-hearted debates about topics that might be a big deal to certain people, such as Arsenal VS Spurs, Cars VS Bicycles, and so on. The first two episodes debuted 16 June and will continue to release every Friday.