AMA launches AI-powered personalisation features for advertisers

New features include audio-script synchronisation and data triggers for hyper personalisation

Audio advertising creation and delivery platform AMA (formerly known as A Million Ads) has launched new features powered by artificial intelligence which promise to help advertisers run better campaigns by incorporating ad personalisation and contextual targeting. 

The new features are part of a product suite named Studio.AI which is built into AMA’s flagship platform, AMA Studio. Using AI, the platform will enable audio-script synchronisation to create dynamic content which integrates seamlessly with the content the listener is tuning into.

Additionally, the studio will allow advertisers to target audiences with contextually relevant ads using data triggers such as location, date/time, weather, device type, events, and ad rotation, to create a more personalised experience. 

“The launch of these AI-powered features marks a significant milestone in digital audio advertising," said AMA chief revenue officer Paul Kelly. “By harnessing the power of AI to support, enhance and accelerate dynamic creative optimisation, we are making incredible leaps in helping advertisers connect with listeners, delivering highly personalised and effective experiences and campaigns.”

AMA has also stated that it is exploring the use of OpenAI resources such as ChatGPT to support advertisers with creative development in order to create engaging and personalised audio ads.

At the time of launch, brands that have used Studio.AI include Target, Walmart, Google, and The tailored ads created using the platform reach audiences across a number of podcast platforms including Spotify, Pandora, Acast and iHeart.

“Brands, big and small should be equipped with creative capabilities enabling them to develop experiences that are scalable, performant and cost-effective,” said AMA CEO and founder Steve Dunlop. “We are introducing AI that makes it easier to build and launch campaigns that are tailored and high-performing, thereby reducing the barriers to entry for advertising on digital audio.”

The AMA team will also be talking further about this new development at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival which is running in France from 19 to 23 June. Other upcoming sessions at Cannes this year include ones with Spotify which has announced that it will be recording special bonus content of its newly-launched competition show The Perfect Pitch live from the event. 

A number of other podcast and audio companies have started to integrate AI into their services, including audio post-production webtool Auphonic. The new AI-powered integrations include the automatic creation of show notes and chapters.