Podsights goes free-to-use and rebrands as Spotify Ad Analytics

Advertisers will have access to first-party measurement tools and solutions

Marketing attribution platform Podsights has now been rebranded as Spotify Ad Analytics, a free measurement solution that tracks the performance of audio advertising campaigns on Spotify and beyond.

Podsights was acquired by the audio giant in February 2022 as part of the platform’s commitment to help advertisers better understand how podcast ads can drive business. Spotify also planned to extend Podsight’s measurement capabilities beyond podcasts after its acquisition, which has since been fulfilled as Ad Analytics also includes the ability to measure ad campaign performance across music as well as podcast streaming. 

The solution is based largely on Podsights’ existing feature-set, and promises to help advertisers better understand their digital audio investments by giving them direct access to metrics based on Spotify’s first-party measurement data for free. This includes impressions, household reach and frequency, conversion rate, spend to date, visitors, and CPM across the timeline of the campaign for streaming and dynamic ads. 

“As more marketers leverage digital audio in their marketing strategies, it’s imperative that we offer superior measurement solutions so they know how their campaigns are driving real impact for their businesses,” said Spotify product vice president Per Sandell. “With the launch of Spotify Ad Analytics, we’re making it easier for our customers to access more full funnel measurement solutions to unlock greater impact globally.”

“The introduction of this new service is a critical step to proving that Spotify is not only a destination to align your brand with culture, but it's also a place to achieve your marketing goals and business outcomes.”

The dashboard will also provide reporting for advertisers who use Spotify Brand Lift, the platform’s inbuilt survey tool which measures ad recall, awareness and consideration, as well as data provided by Spotify’s pixel, which tracks users’ activity after they’ve heard an ad to determine what actions they took. This allows advertisers to track online attribution and conversion increases. 

Spotify Ad Analytics is a free service for users on and off Spotify, available to advertisers across 11 global markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With the rebrand, users that already have the Podsights JavaScript pixel installed on their website, or the RSS prefix installed on their network, can automatically continue to measure the performance of their audio ads with the same set up. 

Spotify has already tested Ad Analytics with two brands - Grammarly and Shopify - both of which “saw positive results” using targeted ad solutions on Spotify in order to drive online conversions.