Earworms: What the industry’s been listening to this week

This has been a landmark week for high-profile podcast launches, including the return of iconic broadcaster Louis Theroux to the world of podcasting, as well as new projects from Wondery, ABC and Project Brazen. 

Elsewhere, we have another suite of excellent podcast recommendations from industry stalwarts, including film, music and true crime, to keep you occupied all through the weekend.

What’s in the industry’s ears?

Dapo Olowu - Key account manager, Acast 

Casefile True Crime is the first podcast that I ever truly became obsessed with; to me this is the pinnacle of episodic storytelling, with an incredible attention to detail and focus on victims of crime, as well as a tone of voice that keeps you engaged throughout. Some of my favourite episodes include The Batavia, the three parter on The Silk Road, and Ella Tundra.

Paul Rayment - PR manager and producer, The Footballco Business Podcast

Unsurprisingly, most of my podcasts are football related but when I want a break from all of that I listen regularly to the Nobody Panic podcast. It's a guide to life as an adult but while I'm sure plenty of research goes into each topic, the advice is really a jumping-off point for a great comedy podcast hosted by Tessa Coates and Stevie Martin. 

Jamie East - Co-founder, Daft Doris Productions

The one I’ve gone back and started relistening to is The Dropout podcast. [Elizabeth Holmes] just got sentenced last week for 11 years and it reminded me to go back and listen to it. It’s just incredible and is just about the most mental fraud in the industry.

Christie Cremin - Head of finance, Crowd Network 

I’ve been hugely enjoying Tape Notes recently – as a giant music nerd, it’s a goldmine of musical nuggets, and the tone of the pod is expertly crafted, mixing gloriously technical chat with funny anecdotes about making a record. Top tip for fellow music nerds!

Andy Goldsmith - Managing director, Adelicious

My ever-constant is Films To Be Buried With, hosted by the wonderful Brett Goldstein. If there is a better podcast out there that introduces you to amazing people, geeking about their own favourite films and the impact they had on their lives, then I’ve yet to find it. If you’ve never listened to it, do yourself a favour and give it a go. You won’t be disappointed. 

Freshly dropped

Gateway: Cocaine, Murder, & Dirty Money in Europe

Global journalism and production studio Project Brazen has launched a new documentary six-part podcast series on Europe’s cocaine crisis, hosted by intelligence and crime reporter Mitchell Prothero. The first episode debuted on 5 June and talks about the rise and fall of drug lord Ridouan Taghi. 

Diss and Tell

New Wondery original Diss and Tell is a celebrity gossip podcast here to discuss the pop culture stories that are making headlines, including the Britney and Jamie Spears sister drama in the first two episodes which debuted 5 June. The current episodes are available only for Wondery+ subscribers and will later be distributed to other podcast platforms on 12 June. 

The Louis Theroux Podcast

Journalist and broadcaster Louis Theroux released the first episode of his new interview-style Spotify exclusive, The Louis Theroux Podcast, on 5 June. The first episode features an hour-long in-depth conversation with music legend Shania Twain. 


Best-selling author Omar El Akkad is the host and writer of a new podcast by Sony Music and Hyperobject Industries titled Without. The podcast, which released its first episode on 7 June, is a thought experiment which explores the things in the world that people can’t imagine losing, from species to nuclear weapons. 

The King Road Killings: An Idaho Murder Mystery

ABC News has released the first episode of its latest true-crime podcast on the four University of Idaho students that were stabbed to death in their off-campus house in November last year. The podcast, which debuted 7 June, is titled The King Road Killings and is hosted by ABC News Correspondent Kayna Whitworth.