Podchaser launches AI-powered podcast categorisation tool for advertisers

Collections+ uses broad range of data points to sort podcasts into different verticals

Podcast database Podchaser has launched a new AI-powered solution which automatically collects podcasts into verticals, allowing podcasters to expand their reach and advertisers to leverage improved targeting capabilities

The solution, named Collections+, pulls data on podcasts and their audiences from a variety of different sources, including from the hosting platform, Spotify and Apple charts and categories, IAB categories and Podchaser’s own first-party data, as well as surveys and transcripts. This data is then used by AI models to categorise shows into different content verticals, which advertisers can then use for targeted, audience-level advertising buys. This is in contrast to previous manual methods of categorisation.

Podchaser was acquired by independent podcast company Acast in 2022 as part of the platform’s efforts to improve its podcast measurement and data capabilities. Collections+ has been developed and tested by Acast, but is available to integrate with any hosting provider, ad platform or marketplace, and is already available for advertisers buying through Acast across all markets at no additional cost. According to Acast, the platform has been able to monetise 5% more of its shows in the first seven weeks of testing Collection +, with an uptake from “several Fortune 500 companies'' and other large brands.

“We’re turning what was once the art of podcast buying into a true science using everyone’s best friend, AI,” said Podchaser CEO Bradley Davis. “By combining Podchaser’s position as the industry’s intelligence engine with Acast’s decade of deep experience in packaging podcasts to help advertisers reach valuable audiences, we’ve been able to create the highest-quality collections in the industry which go beyond simple manual human classification.”

“As audience-first buying becomes increasingly important, and more and more dollars flow into brand campaigns, we’re optimising ad planning for everyone. Advertisers are empowered to plan smarter campaigns and we’re enabling more podcasters to earn more revenue. Most importantly, this data technique is being made available to the whole industry to use, to improve podcasting for all.”

According to audio AdTech company AdsWizz, contextual targeting has become an increasingly important consideration for brands when it comes to investing in podcasts. It can lead to better engagement, a more personalised ad-listening experience, and ensure brand safety. 

“Targeting helps advertisers to optimise their ad spend by minimising wastage and improving the effectiveness of their campaigns,” said Adswizz and SXM Media product vice president Molly Ponzo. “By leveraging data and analytics to inform their targeting criteria, businesses can gain valuable insights into their audience's behaviour, preferences, and interests, allowing them to create more impactful campaigns.”