The Podcast Show 2023: All the highlights from this year’s event

Key themes, top trends, and insights from attendees

Last week saw thousands of podcast industry figures descending on Islington’s Busines Design Centre for The Podcast Show 2023, to network, share information, and learn all about the latest trends and developments in the world of podcasting - and PodPod was right there in the thick of things.

In this special episode, Rhianna Dhillon is joined by Matt Hill, Reem Makari and Adam Shepherd to discuss all the biggest themes from this year’s conference, as well as hitting the show floor to talk to key attendees to get their take on what’s going on in podcasting right now.

Key takeaways

A rising tide lifts all boats

“Having come out of the radio industry, which is very bitchy, and coming out of that to an industry like podcasting, where we genuinely all want to raise the profile of the industry, want to make the industry better, more professional, more widely, and highly regarded,” said Fresh Air Production founder Neil Cowling; “it doesn't feel like we're surrounded by competitors and people that are trying to take work off us. I've had lots of conversations today with people who we would regard as competitors. And we're all doing well, so good for us.” 

IP is vital

“I'm a bit of a podcast advocate. I think I think IP in podcasting is really key,” Unedited founder Bernard Achampong said. “We're a bit more entrepreneurial. It's not just about the fees anymore. It's not just about the producer fees, or the talent fees. There's got to be an ongoing relationship with things like producer locks for future series, things like back end relationships, if your podcast becomes a Netflix documentary; all of those things are important, and we need to learn about them.”

Award wins can be a big boost

“We've had anecdotal evidence and people telling us what an incredible impact that the [British Podcast] Awards has had on their podcast, I think it's Benbrick from Have you heard George's Podcast,” said Carver PR publicist Becca Newson; “10 fold, I think he said, like 100 times - just the amount of listens that that created for them.”


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