EXCLUSIVE: BrewDog renews partnership with that Peter Crouch Podcast

Beer brand will expand podcast sponsorship in new six-month deal

Beer company BrewDog is set to renew its partnership with That Peter Crouch Podcast for another six-month deal, the company has announced.

Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by PodPod at The Podcast Show in London, BrewDog head of content Richard Innes revealed that the company has agreed a new and expanded sponsorship deal with the football podcast.

“We are kicking off a new partnership with That Peter Crouch Podcast. So on the episode that goes live two weeks today, you will hear BrewDog as the new main sponsors of the pod,” Innes said. “And what's really interesting is it's kind of like that difficult second album thing that bands have. Because you've had the big first hit and it's like, shit, what do we do now?”

The partnership follows the company’s prior deal with the show, which included the creation of a bespoke limited edition beer based on an idea of formulated by the podcast host. The beer, dubbed 'Laout', is a combination of lager and stout, and sold out in just two days following the release. While the first partnership ran for 12 weeks, the upcoming partnership will run for a full six months.

“We gave it some breathing space very deliberately, because we didn't want to just carry on, just because it was good; you've got to have the right idea,” Innes said. “And we’ve got to a point now where there's been enough space and we feel we've got a way back in. And what we want to do now is really start communicating about our core beers and our key products with that audience, now that we've built up that credibility and an authentic relationship with that audience, we can then move into speaking more directly about our products, we think.”