Sony announce new medical show The Referral… with Dr Karan

New weekly podcast will see host Dr Karan bust medical myths with guests

NHS surgeon and social media sensation Dr Karan Rajan has announced a new podcast called The Referral… with Dr Karan.

The podcast was announced during Sony Music Entertainment’s talk at The Podcast Show today, which was titled ‘Podcasts x Video: How The Rapidly Evolving Video Environment Is Impacting the Future of Podcasting’.

On social media Dr Karan talks about all types of medical subjects, from how mouth breathing can affect the shape of your face, how urine colour doesn’t always correlate to hydration or how there’s no such thing as a healthy tan. He will be bringing such insights to his weekly podcast.

Dr Karan has over seven million followers on social media. Episode one of The Referral launches on 30 May and Dr Karan will combine his signature straight-talking attitude with a hearty dose of humour to educate listeners on health, science and medicine.

An NHS surgeon for over eight years, Dr Karan has been showcasing his passion for medicine and education on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram since 2020, and is one of the most successful health and science content creators on social media. The surgeon will be bringing the no-nonsense style of his health advice videos to the podcast, along with some dark humour, in order to break through the “wellness waffle” that he feels permeates the healthcare industry.

Each week Dr Karan will be joined by an expert to discuss a particular topic where they will be clearing up some of the misinformation that can be found online with medical facts. Whether it's a professor from Oxford University, a scientist or a fellow doctor, the aim will be clear: offer straightforward tips and practical takeaways and improve listeners' day-to-day lives.