Audion launches podcast CMS with AI-powered tools

Features include AI text-to-speech and integrated advertising platform

Podcast monetisation technology company Audion has launched a new podcast CMS, the company has announced, which combines tools powered by artificial intelligence with integrated ad management capabilities. 

Audion360 is designed to support organisations who are making podcasting a core part of their strategy, and integrates an AI-powered text-to-speech solution and a proprietary advertising platform into a podcast CMS, allowing podcast publishers to consolidate multiple applications into one. 

Audion360 initially launched earlier this month in France, where the company is headquartered and has since worked with a number of publishers including Slate magazine, food manufacturer Engle, men's fashion brand Futura, and Boursorama bank. 

Slate France has already been working with Audion for two years with the tech company marketing the publisher's audio advertising inventory, resulting in “nearly 300% growth” according to the magazine’s advertising sales director Nicolas Valverde. 

“We are therefore very pleased to extend our partnership beyond the simple marketing of our space for a further 2 years,” said Valverde. “As part of the harmonisation of our tools, the complete solution is also deployed on the entire catalogue of our subsidiary Initial Studio, a documentary podcast production studio.” 

The announcement of the new CMS follows 18 months of research and development by Audion. The company, which is established in France and the UK, recently announced that it was expanding into the Italian market with its acquisition of original and branded podcast studio Mentre following a record-breaking fundraising round of €6 million (£5.2m) in 2022.

"We took the decision to develop Audion360 following the multiple feedbacks we received from publishers who told us that they were having difficulty finding a viable model for podcasting,” said Audion co-founder Arthur Larrey. “This is what Audion360 is all about: helping publishers to finally seize this opportunity by providing a platform reserved for professionals in the sector, packed with innovations and which, unlike our competitors, has been designed natively to increase the value derived from advertising.”