Adthos launches AI-powered video ad creation and editing capabilities

Platform automatically separates video and speech into different tracks to edit

Audio ad sales company Adthos has announced the launch of new dynamic video ad creation and editing tools on its platform, powered by artificial intelligence. 

Creators can now upload videos directly to the Adthos studio by either importing them or pasting a link from video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. AI-powered technology on the platform then automatically separates the video and speech into two separate tracks that make it easier to edit. 

The platform also uses AI to automatically generate a script that can be edited and reconstructed using AI voices available on the platform library as well as translated into different languages so publishers can reach audiences in multiple countries. The edited voice track can then easily be reintegrated with the video and remaining audio and published to social media or sent to ad servers. 

“As advertisers increasingly depend on multimedia campaigns to convey their message, it was a natural progression for us to extend the same flexibility that Adthos offers for audio, to video,” said Adthos CEO Raoul Wedel. “From now on our publishing and broadcasting customers, and their advertisers have a new way to reach more audiences, in more languages and even faster than ever before.”

Adthos previously launched a trial version of its self-service portal in April which allows advertisers to automatically create audio ads by submitting a short briefing questionnaire through the portal. The platform then uses AI technology to create a script, and add AI voice-overs, sound effects, music, and branding through the platform’s personalisation feature, for an instant audio ad. 

The Adthos creative studio is currently available for a one-month free trial on the website which allows advertisers access to audio mixing tools, its AI voices library with over 40 voices, and advanced geo-targeted advertising. Subscriptions are then available for $49.95 (£40.16) monthly. 

AI has been an increasingly powerful technology tool used in enhancing podcast advertising. It can also be used to enhance brand suitability and make it easier for advertisers to trust podcasts with companies like Barometer using AI and contextual targeting tools to rate the risk factors of podcasts based on keywords, context, and sentiment.