Barometer and ArtsAI partner to launch daily podcast advertising brand safety tool

Solution allows for advertisers to optimise campaigns in-flight, both direct and programmatic

AI-powered podcast measurement platform Barometer and adaptive marketing automation platform ArtsAI have partnered to launch a new solution that allows advertisers to monitor campaigns on a daily basis.

The announcement was made last week at the IAB Podcast Upfront, an annual podcast advertising summit, during a speaker session with ArtsAI. 

AB Daily (AI Brand Integrity Daily Measurement), the new solution by ArtsAi and Barometer, allows for advertisers to track the performance of podcast advertising campaigns, both direct and programmatic, which are already in-flight at an episode-level, rather than having to wait to see results in a post-campaign performance report.

With this solution, advertisers can ensure brand suitability through AB Daily’s analysis of the episodes and use AI to determine if the episodes align with the brand’s safety and suitability standards. The solution uses Barometer’s contextual targeting tools to determine the risk level of podcast episode transcripts based on keywords, tone, context and sentiment.

“One of the key reasons Display ad spend is $64B and Digital Video is $47B versus Podcast’s $2B, is because those mediums for years have offered daily and real-time-brand suitability safeguards,” said ArtsAI chief revenue officer Erik Lundberg. “This innovative ArtsAI-Barometer partnership will bring these safeguards to podcasts, enabling the podcast ad ecosystem for direct as well as programmatic buys to grow exponentially.” 

This solution is available now and can either be used with, or independently from, both Barometer or ArtsAI’s measurement tools. Barometer and ArtsAI plan to continue the partnership with a next-generation solution currently under development in the AI Lab which will provide real-time episode-level targeting and anti-targeting which will allow brands to automatically halt ads from appearing in podcast episodes that violate their brand suitability standards. 

“Publishers and advertisers can now get started using something like the ‘full stack’ of podcast advertising, gaining visibility into signals that have previously been unavailable at this daily, episode-level resolution,” said Barometer CEO Tamara Zubatiy. “Best of all, AB Daily, as well as all Barometer solutions, empower advertisers to fine-tune their podcast safety & suitability standards based on combinations of custom factors including genre, context, host sentiment, and more.”

Barometer has partnered with a number of podcast companies and audio platforms recently to enhance brand suitability, including Wondery, which was also announced at the IAB Podcast Upfront. revious partnership announcements include programmatic audio advertising platform Audiohook and podcast hosting and monetisation company Katz Digital.

The AI platform also partnered with news reliability data service NewsGuard to offer a solution that makes it easier for brands to advertise on news podcasts through an AI solution that claims to detect potential misinformation in podcasts at an episode-level within seconds.