Libsyn renews exclusive ad sales deal with daily podcast The NewsWorthy

Podcast will gain access to automatic ads, host read and programmatic revenue

Podcast platform Libsyn has renewed its exclusive advertising deal between daily current affairs podcast The NewsWorthy and its advertising marketplace AdvertiseCast, the company has announced. 

With this partnership, Libsyn will continue to grant The NewsWorthy podcast full access to AdvertiseCast’s platform services to monetise content, including its automatic ads solution, host-read and programmatic ad tools. It will also connect the podcast with its portfolio of over 2,000 advertisers across a range of industries, including BetterHelp, NutriSystem, and Zoho.

The NewsWorthy is a 10-minute short-form news podcast hosted by award-winning veteran journalist Erica Mandy. The podcast first launched in 2017 and now has an average of 125,000 weekly downloads. Since first joining AdvertiseCast in 2018 and going exclusive in 2020, the podcast has worked with a number of advertisers including Duke Cannon, Amazon, Netgear, Blinkist, and BetterHelp.

“With Libsyn as our longstanding hosting partner and AdvertiseCast as our valued advertising platform, I’ve been able to grow The NewsWorthy into a sustainable business and provide credible value to our news-loving listeners on a daily basis,” said Mandy.

“Our renewed partnership creates a clear opportunity for brands and advertisers to align with The NewsWorthy’s ‘fast, fair, and fun’ take on the day’s top stories and reach a growing set of engaged listeners seeking trustworthy news sources,” said Libsyn AdvertiseCast chief innovation officer and head of publisher relations Trevr Smithlin. 

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast marketplace portfolio of podcasts has now grown to over 2,900 podcasts with over 190 million listener reach. Its latest podcast partnership announcements include renewed multi-year deals with Audivita Studios’ personal finance podcast Rich Dad Radio Show, true crime podcast A Date With Dateline, history podcast Combat Story, comedy show Christopher Titus Podcast, Dr Phil and his line of podcasts including true crime show Mystery and Murder, interview podcast I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw, pop culture podcast Behind The Velvet Rope, and philosophy podcast Very Bad Wizards.