Audiohook partners with Barometer to improve brand suitability of audio inventory

AI-powered platform uses contextual targeting tools to block content based on podcast transcripts

Programmatic audio advertising platform Audiohook has partnered with podcast measurement firm Barometer to enforce brand suitability and enhance contextual targeting for advertisers. 

Audiohook is a demand side platform which allows advertisers to measure the results of their campaigns and the option to only pay per performance or pay per impression for the audio ad campaign. 

With this partnership, Barometer will be able to monitor the advertisers’ inventory within Audiohook and determine if the content meets their brands’ guidelines. In addition to that, Audiohook will now automatically block content on its platform using Barometer’s AI technology that doesn’t meet the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Brand Safety and Suitability framework, free of charge. 

“As leaders in the industry, we’ve witnessed the evolution and innovation of the audio landscape,” said Audiohook CEO Jordan Bentley. “Brand safety has historically been done on a keyword level, missing all the context that podcasting brings with it. Just as we recognise the need for audio-specific buying capabilities, the existing brand safety solutions that have been ported over from display and video, don't cut it with audio. As an audio-first technology company, we are excited to partner with Barometer.”

Barometer uses AI technology and contextual targeting tools to examine podcast transcripts and looks at keywords, tone, context and sentiment. Based on the examination, the platform then gives each of the transcripts a grade based on their level of risk for brand suitability - no risk, low, medium and high. The platform also determines if the transcripts are compliant with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s content taxonomy 3.0 brand appropriateness standards.

“Our brand integrity and contextual targeting capabilities bring a new level of clarity and control to advertisers,” said Barometer co-founder and CEO Tamara Zubatiy. “Brands can now enforce their standards while setting up campaigns to relieve constant monitoring and ensure their ads are meeting the safety and suitability requirements.”

To improve its contextual targeting solution, Barometer has announced that it recently closed a fundraising round with the support of investment company HearstLab. The platform also recently announced other new partnerships, including one with hosting and monetisation company Katz Digital to help run its audio ad campaigns more efficiently.