Bobby Temps

Freelance podcast presenter

Bobby Temps is an Irish podcaster best known for successfully petitioning for mental health education to be added to the curriculum for schools across England and Wales, with the support of his listenership and 200,000 signatures. He hosts two shows: Mental – The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health and Dating Games – The Modern Relationships Podcast and has gained a significant following for covering topics rarely discussed in other forms of media. These shows total over 400 episodes and are primarily of an interview format. 

His guests are usually notable authors, comedians, musicians and mental health professionals. O, The Oprah Magazine wrote about his mental health podcast: “Bobby Temps… aims to destigmatise anxiety and depression by holding space for guests' honest accounts of their own mental health journeys. Temps also welcomes a roster of experts to share advice, and as a host, his soothing cadence could itself be considered therapeutic.”

Temps often speaks at podcasting events such as Podfest Global and The Podcast Show London, including their next event in May. His work has also been recognised with awards from the People’s Choice Podcast Awards for the last four years running, and the Irish Podcast Awards last year. These accolades have established his place as an industry peer and mentor alongside becoming an awards judge for the Ambies, British Podcast Awards and Irish Podcast Awards. Other achievements include several features on Apple Podcasts including through the pandemic, where his mental-health podcast was promoted as ‘COVID-19 Essential Listening’. 

Nominated by: Kyle Moore, podcast presenter, Life's a Wreck podcast