Daniela Hornskov Sun

Podcast presenter and producer, THIIIRD Waves

Daniela Hornskov Sun is the producer and co-host of the radio-hosted podcast show THIIIRD Waves, which is the sonic iteration of the arts and culture magazine THIIIRD. As the producer, Sun has multitasked in planning, editing and publishing the 90-minute shows whilst creating a recognisable identity for its audio format that keeps to the platform's ethos. Like the magazine, the premise of the show has been to interrogate the intersections of culture and activism. Episodes have spanned a range of topical issues, from higher education protests to sober curiosity and alcoholism, the low vaccine uptake in Black and ethnic minority communities to polyamory in relationships. 

The bar is set high to seek guests who not only belong to underrepresented communities but would also have specialist knowledge and lived experiences to offer on the topic at hand. Sun's success in landing these guests is marked by the calibre of people who have appeared. From Janet Hardy, the queer author of The Ethical Slut, who talked about ethical non-monogamy, to Dr Rahma Elmadhi, who spoke about colonialist imprints in modern medicine, the show has hit the mark with this through Sun’s convincing emails and persistent leasing. 

Sun’s professional job is as a producer working in animation and advertising. She has applied rigour, attention to detail and passion and has been a guiding light in helping to seal commissions and adverts, which have enabled monetisation. In sealing a slot on Soho Radio's culture channel, Sun enabled THIIIRD Waves to find 400,000 weekly listeners. She has also initiated a number of podcast-to-podcast collaborations, and helped to monetise the show by working on the pitches for commissions and advertorials for shows ‘Dispelling COVID-19 Vaccine Myths’ and ‘Higher Education’.

Nominated by: Rhona Ezuma, editor-in-chief, THIIIRD