Matthew Rouse

Podcast lead, Octave Audio

Matthew Rouse has worked as an audio expert for over 15 years, recently moving into the podcast world – firstly at Acast and now Octave Audio. Having previously been responsible for driving millions of pounds of revenue into audio, Rouse’s role as podcast lead at Octave now puts him at the forefront of the content revolution. Not only did he develop, launch and activate Octave’s brand-new podcast advertising solution that brings together over 1,000 shows and delivers over 100 million monthly impressions, he is actively involved with growing, productising and monetising Octave’s parent companies’ slate of podcasts. 

Rouse’s passion for the medium also translates into his personal life, as he is the producer, creator and host of the House Culture podcast series that features club culture conversations with the megastars of the dance music community, such as Fatboy Slim, Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez and Purple Disco Machine. Launched in 2019, this show has featured in the Top 10 of the Apple Music History podcast charts and Spotify rated it within their top 2.5% of podcasts in the world in 2022. 

Rouse’s unique position of working in podcasts both professionally and personally has seen him become an authoritative voice on the medium, with his opinion pieces recently featured in Advertising Week and The Media Leader. He's a true evangelist for audio, having driven well over £200m worth of revenue into the medium over the course of his career and is on track to deliver millions more into podcasts in 2023.

Nominated by: Sophie Donovan, senior marketing manager, Octave Audio