Chanté Joseph

Freelance podcast presenter, The Guardian

A versatile writer and broadcaster, Chanté Joseph started her career writing for a range of publications such as The Independent, Vogue and Dazedmagazine. Alongside this she grew her social media presence, using her platform to discuss politics and identity, appealing to younger people who don’t normally engage with Westminster politics. She now has 32,500 followers on TikTok, 44,000 on Instagram and 66,000 on Twitter. 

In 2020, she hosted the first season of Channel 4’s How Not to be Racist where she broke down the nuances of racism in Britain, using her own insights to present this in a unique and entertaining way. The programme returned for a second season in July 2021 and she was nominated for best debut presenter at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

In 2022 Joseph became the host of The Guardian’s podcast Pop Culture with Chanté Joseph. Across 10 episodes she explored a current pop culture theme and tried to bring the listener new insights and analysis. The podcast’s contributors were largely from PoC communities and with Joseph as the host she was able to draw on her own experiences and insights as a Black woman. Guests included Jameela Jamil on diet culture and the return of ‘heroin chic’, comedian Dane Baptiste on racism in comedy, and Candice Brathwaite on finding love in the era of ‘situationships’. Series two of the podcast returned in March.

Nominated by: Maz Ebtehaj, executive producer, The Guardian