Lyndsay Fenner

Producer, Mighty Bunny Ltd

Lyndsay Fenner has had a storied career in entertainment media; she worked for BBC Comedy for 12 years, starting out in television as a runner on That Mitchell and Webb Look then moving to radio, where she produced a wide slate of audience and non-audience sitcoms, stand-up, topical comedy, panel shows and sketch shows. Post-BBC, Fenner moved into the world of podcasting, acting as a senior producer at Whistledown Productions, where she produced the Spotify OriginalWe Need to Talk About, as well as developing (and executive-producing) shows including Catherine Bohart and Sarah Keyworth’s You’ll Do for the BBC.

A determined and inventive producer, Fenner has pushed boundaries by successfully using crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise the capital to produce comedian and Off Menu co-host James Acaster’s first scripted narrative podcast Springleaf. This innovative project offers talent a way of financing expensive projects without the traditional commissioner/network model – offering greater artistic freedom and preventing material from disappearing behind a paywall. 

She now works for Mighty Bunny Ltd., the production company she co-founded, and Fenner is a great example of a producer with traditional audio experience making a new path for scripted comedy in podcasting. According to the judges, “Lyndsey is doing some impressive work in producing content but also driving ways to help other people break into the sector.”

Nominated by: Victoria Lloyd, producer, Mighty Bunny Ltd