Alisha Dandridge

Head of marketing, Mags Creative

Alisha Dandridge is the head of marketing at Mags Creative, a leading independent podcast production and promotion company, which reaches millions of ears every month. Dandridge's background is in multi-channel marketing, having previously worked for global fashion brands. She brings her industry knowledge to the audio world including brand marketing, strategic partnerships and consumer engagement.

Intrinsic to the success of all Mags Creative’s productions is Dandridge and her team’s marketing strategy and execution – unlocking audience growth for clients such as the Duke of Edinburgh, Redbull, Puffin and Microsoft. Dandridge has an impressive track record – securing regular features on the Apple carousel, two billboards, TV features on Loose Women and Sunday Brunch, as well as coverage in Stylist and The Guardian. She has positioned herself as a thought leader in the space and spoke at the British Podcast Awards Festival and The Podcast Show. Over the last 12 months, Dandridge has spearheaded the growth of her team, which now includes two marketing executives. Her work had resulted in shows such as Blended and Puffin’s Mission Imagination regularly sitting in the number one spot in the charts. 

Dandridge ensures her team are continuously evolving and sophisticating their approach to audience growth by thinking strategically about the next key lever in the podcast space. For instance, she set up a TikTok account for the company’s Spotify Original podcast with Munroe Bergdorf and led the content development of the videos, resulting in multiple viral clips and over 431,000 likes across the channel. Another example is the benchmarking reports Dandridge provides for Redbull to help the large organisation understand the fundamentals of podcast marketing. 

Nominated by: Charlotte Newing, head of commercial, Mags Creative