Christie Cremin

Head of finance, Crowd Network

Christie Cremin is head of finance at Crowd and, at 30 years of age, has rapidly grown into an industry-leading expert in the novel and ever-evolving world of podcast financial strategy. He is a chartered management accountant with a background within arts and media, and brings an ambitious, commercial and innovative approach to Crowd’s business model and strategy. Cremin is involved at every level of decision-making at Crowd – investment, commissioning (modelling and forecasting expected revenue and costs), identifying new revenue streams, analysing successes and failures to build insights, and upskilling and empowering podcast producers with financial literacy.

For a recent project, Cremin was tasked with creating an income generation strategy for Crowd’s biggest podcasts, which didn’t rely on advertising and sponsorship. He outlined a clear strategy, through a resource audit of the company’s biggest podcasts, market research of commercial markets that could be served with the podcasts, an overview of various strategic options, quantified with potential earnings potential (with consideration of risks and costs), and a roadmap for implementation. 

Christie has upskilled and led the marketing team to leverage design thinking principles to laser in on user personas for each podcast, and gather as much data about Crowd’s audiences as possible. This strategic approach has allowed the company to supercharge the ROI of its marketing investments, and under Christie’s financial leadership, Crowd increased its annual revenue by 75%, and is ahead of schedule to double that in 2023. “It's inspiring to see how finance and commercial strategy can play a crucial role in the development of the industry,” the judges commented. “Not a place we normally think to look for innovation, but absolutely key in a new sector!”

Nominated by: Mike Carr, CEO, Crowd Network