Ewan Cameron

Freelance producer

Ewan Cameron has been working as a podcast producer since 2021, freelancing for various production companies whilst finessing his own experimental show, Randomly Generated Thought. He currently works for Podot in a freelance capacity, working on shows such as A Pod Too Far, Other Edens and The Rundown by PoliticsHome.

Over the past year, his skill at sound design has been used for many projects, ranging from explorations of new space technology, to voyages into the ghosts that haunt Kentish woods. His own work has been featured on Short Cuts and his sound-design work can be heard on shows like Other Edens, Generation Space, A Pod Too Far and more. Ewan displays an impressive commitment to the grind – working on more traditional corporate work in order to improve his understanding of, and experience with, professional audio. Ewan has the ability to work seamlessly in both the commercial sector and a more artistic space. 

While many producers favour one or the other, Ewan has consistently brought his skills across the divide, and as he gains experience in the industry, the quality of his writing and experimental sound design will find more and more of a home. The judges agreed, saying “Ewan is a bright spark in the industry. His visceral sound design will be the backbone of future productions and establish a name for himself in the next few years.”

Nominated by: Nick Hilton, director, Podot