Bridey Addison-Child

Freelance producer

A freelance narrative audio documentary maker and sound designer who predominantly covers social justice issues, Bridey Addison-Child has produced work on the NHS, the UK asylum system, wealth and political corruption, the housing crisis, climate change and AI, knife crime and more. Addison-Child is most interested in projects that examine structural power through a lens of lived experience, as well as the capacity to use sound design creatively to tell stories. Their specialisms include a focus on political commentary and social justice issues, exploring the queer and trans perspective, and experimenting with the audio essay format.

They have been in the podcast industry for nearly four years, beginning as a trainee audio producer in 2019 for grassroots radio platform Transmission Roundhouse. Since March 2020 they have worked with Audible, Whistledown, Reduced Listening and Peanut & Crumb, as well as sound-designing a book of children's poetry (Dear Ugly Sisters) with Laura Mucha. Their work has been featured in NME, Bustle and Radio 4’s Podcast Radio Hour. They have also been included on Apple's New and Noteworthy podcasts and on a Spotify playlist for Black History Month. 

In the last 12 months, they have produced the Interspecies Futurepodcast, an eight-part series which is a multi-decade civilisational journey in advancing the new rights and opportunities for non-human life on Earth made possible by the emergence of planetary-scale computing. They also produced an episode of Audible’s The Bias Diagnosisand are currently making Burden of Proof for Radio 4, exploring queer people's experience of the UK asylum system. 

Nominated by: Joby Waldman, managing director, Reduced Listening