Channel 4 launches Streamland discovery campaign using Spotify podcast promotion tools

Multi-format approach includes host-read ads from top podcasts like The Receipts

Television broadcasting company Channel 4 has launched a new content discovery campaign titled Streamland in partnership with Spotify.

Streamland is a UK-exclusive interactive campaign offered through the Spotify app, which assesses the user’s tastes and listening habits to generate five personalised recommendations of hit TV shows to stream.

Along with the recommendations, the campaign also features behind-the-scenes audio voice notes from Channel 4 television presenter and co-host of Dish podcast, Nick Grimshaw, and artists Miraa May and Mae Stephens, as well as a Channel 4 Streamland music playlist, and a personalised playlist based on the recommended shows.

“Channel 4 Streamland will help new audiences to discover more of Channel 4’s extensive streaming library of new and archive shows, connecting them with content they didn’t know they’d love through the music they already do,” said Channel 4 marketing director Amber Kirby. “Both Channel 4 and Spotify have a rich history of using innovation and technology to find exciting ways to do big things, so it’s fitting that we’ve collaborated to create a unique solution to content discovery exclusive to the UK.”

With this partnership, Channel 4 will also be able to benefit from a multi-format approach to reach new and younger audiences through podcasts on Spotify. This includes promoting Streamland through interactive and visual ad call-to-action cards teasing the Streamland experience to podcast listeners on the app, and host-read ads from top podcasts like The Receipts, Jaackmaate’s Happy Hour and The Fellas.

The Streamland campaign, which was brokered and secured by Channel 4 media agency OMD UK, will be available initially for a six-month period to Spotify UK users and will be regularly updated with its latest shows on a monthly basis.

“We’re excited to help Channel 4 reach their key audiences on Spotify,” said Spotify head of Northern Europe sales Ed Couchman. “With such a fun and interactive digital experience, Spotify listeners can discover the incredible range of engaging content offered by Channel 4.” 

“At Spotify, we’re focused on personalisation, discovery and interactivity, and this latest campaign shows what’s possible with streaming audio. Channel 4 Streamland leverages creativity, talent and our unique streaming intelligence to create a unique and engaging experience for listeners within Streamland where they can discover their next favourite TV show or film.”

At Spotify's annual Stream On event held in March this year, the audio giant made a number of announcements including an entirely new user experience across its application with features aimed at improving discoverability.

This included an autoplay feature in which new targeted episodes that fit the user’s taste will start playing as soon as the previous one ends, personalised sub-feeds that include audio and video previews of podcast episodes, audiobooks, and music as well as discovery news feeds in the search page that will preview short Canvas clips and tracks from different genres and playlists.