Acast’s self-serve platform partners with Nielsen for launch of Audience Segments

New feature allows for brands to target listeners within specific segment categories

Independent podcast company Acast has announced that it has partnered with audience insight and data measurement platform Nielsen to launch Audience Segments on its self-serve advertising platform. 

This self-serve advertising platform allows brands to run audio campaigns and reach audiences across the network’s portfolio of over 92,000 exclusive shows. Brands can reach audiences that specifically reflect their message with tools that allow them to target podcasts by listener demographics, location, show content category and now within specific segment categories including Business, Tech Enthusiasts and Parents. 

“Audience Segments brings this first-class experience to the self-serve platform by enabling more accurate audience targeting at the moment of ad injection,” said Acast product manager Niklas Lagerberg. 

Brands and advertisers can also use Acast’s self-serve platform to measure campaign performance once an audio ad campaign is live by enabling third-party tracking from Podsights, ArtsAI, Claritas, Veritonic and others. This allows them to measure factors such as impression tracking, verification, brand uplift and attribution. 

Acast first launched its self-serve platform in November 2022 as a way to “democratise” the global advertising industry by making advertising available for both big and small companies, who can pay to run a campaign with as little as $250. 

Brands that have worked with it include ‘slow news’ publication Tortoise Media, which ran a campaign on the Acast self-serve platform to promote its portfolio of podcasts across content categories, such as the Curious Thinkers collection as well as News and Politics. 

“As a media brand, we knew podcast advertising would be a seamless inclusion to our media mix. What we didn’t know was just how easy Acast’s self-serve platform would be to book the campaign, identify our target audiences and measure the results,” said Tortoise Media head of marketing and membership Claudia Collins. “Even though we were booking our own campaign, the Acast team was there to answer any questions we had, so we never felt alone in the process.”

“We built our self-serve advertising platform as a response to the market demand from advertisers and have continued to innovate in ways that keep their needs central to the product,” added Lagerberg. “We’ve seen not just more advertisers, but more experienced advertisers booking podcast campaigns through the self-serve platform. 

“These seasoned marketers expect the same experience that they receive when working with the Acast sales team: efficient buying and accurate audience targeting at scale.”

Creators can also monetise their content on Acast by connecting podcasters with brands through the platform’s advertising marketplace. However, Stripped Media co-founder Kobi Omenaka has recently revealed that the company was moving the Tea with Twiggy podcast from Acast over to Auddy instead, as he thinks it was not monetised efficiently on the former platform due to not having a big enough audience. 

A similar situation also happened a few months prior with the hosts of The Cinemile film podcast, Cathy Cullen and Dave Corkery, who announced in an episode with PodPod that they were also moving their podcast over to Auddy for the same reasons.