RedHanded hosts partner with Global to launch new true crime podcast

Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala to uncover the story behind conwoman Juliette D'Souza

The hosts of award-winning true crime podcast RedHanded launching a new limited podcast series in partnership with media and entertainment company Global. 

The six-part true-crime podcast series titled Filthy Ritual will follow Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala as they uncover the story behind Juliette D’Souza, a convicted con woman who claimed that she was a shaman with healing powers and took a total of £1 million through scamming vulnerable people.

“This is our first ever limited series, and we couldn’t have stumbled upon a more fascinating case,” said Maguire and Bala. “Voodoo, shamanism, black magic, a tree of life in the Surinamese jungle - all being used in a series of cons in Hampstead, North London?! It’s as mind boggling as it is terrifying.”

Throughout the series, the hosts speak to victims that were scammed by D’Souza, reporters who travelled to the Suriname rainforest from which D’Souza claimed she got her powers and tracked her down, and one of Britain’s leading shamans. 

The podcast, which is produced by Global and Novel in partnership with Dentsu Entertainment, is premiering on 19 April and will continue to release weekly across all podcast platforms. Listeners can also access the full series on launch via Global Player, the broadcast company’s streaming platform. 

Filthy Ritual tells the jaw-dropping tale of one of the most prolific fraudsters in British history,” said Global Player director of podcasts and strategy Megan Wastell. “With countless twists and turns guided by the brilliant storytelling of Hannah and Suruthi, Filthy Ritual is set to be the appointment to listen to a true-crime podcast this spring.”

Maguire and Bala have amassed a massive following since launching their true-crime podcast RedHanded in 2017 and have since released nearly 400 episodes of the series. RedHanded has also won the Listener’s Choice Award at the British Podcast Awards for the last two years in a row. 

RedHanded also recently announced that it has signed an ad-sales and distribution deal with Amazon Music and Wondery which gives the network exclusive rights to sell advertising against the show. With the partnership, Amazon and Wondery+ listeners have been able to benefit from ad-free listening and early access to episodes as well as their bonus show ShortHand.