Baby Shark creators launch multiple new Apple-exclusive podcasts

Company will produce originals in multi languages including five in Korean and three in English

The company behind the viral children’s song ‘Baby Shark’ has launched a slate of new original podcasts, exclusively on Apple Podcasts

Children’s entertainment company Pinkfong will be making its new podcasts t available via two new channels on Apple Podcasts from the company, one in Korean titled 핑크퐁 - which translates to Pinkfong - and one in English titled Pinkfong Babyshark. 

The Korean channel will feature five new free podcasts for listeners in South Korea, while the English channel will feature three new podcasts, with both The Best Pinkfong Baby Shark Kids Story and My Favourite Pinkfong Musical Story available for free. Pinkfong Baby Shark Book Adventure, however, is only available to the channel’s subscribers. Pinkfong’s version of the Baby Shark song - which has been a popular campfire song for several decades - is also the most-viewed YouTube video of all-time with 12 billion views.

All of these weekly podcasts have been created by early childhood education professionals, featuring informative and entertaining stories with each episode focused on a specific topic. Subscribers to the Pinkfong Babyshark + channel can also gain early access to episodes before they are released widely on Thursdays and download bonus content.

A number of other companies besides Pinkfong also offer premium kids audio content, including children’s radio and podcast station Fun Kids, which offers both annual and monthly memberships, the Wondery Kids podcast channel on Apple Podcasts, which offers 39 shows with ad-free content, early access, and exclusives for subscribers, and the PodSquad by PRX podcast channel which features age-appropriate podcasts for both kids aged two and up, as well as nine to 13 year olds. 

A report by Nielsen in 2021 showed that 79% of women were listening to Kids & Family podcasts at the time, which was 16% more than the women who were listening to true-crime. According to an analysis by Medium, the listenership percentage covered both kids and women, although data is not collected for listeners under the age of 12. 

With the increased popularity of children’s podcasts, more podcast companies are investing into podcasts in that genre, including podcast hosting and technology platform Glassbox Media which recently announced that it has acquired the chart-topping children’s podcast Who Smarted? from award-winning production company Atomic Entertainment Network.