BuzzFeed’s Tasty to launch Bite Club podcast in partnership with Acast

New podcast is the first of six audio series from BuzzFeed Studios and Acast

Media company BuzzFeed has announced that it will be launching a slate of new podcast series in partnership with independent podcast company Acast, with the first show coming from its food network Tasty. 

The weekly podcast, titled Bite Club, will see hosts and Tasty video producers Jasmine Pak and Katie Aubin in conversation with a number of special guests, talking about the food items that made them who they are and hot takes about subjects like first date meals with an episode-specific foodie List of the Week. 

Both Pak and Aubin regularly make appearances on Tasty’s YouTube page which currently has 21 million subscribers and are already well-known as internet personalities.

"Food brings people together — tapping into the traditions and culture we share with one another and sparking the type of engaging conversation that podcasting serves so well,” said Acast development and studios director Tim Ruggeri. “We look forward to bringing Bite Club to every podcast platform and listening app out there so that it's accessible for communities everywhere."

Bite Club premieres on 18 April, and is the first of six weekly podcasts to launch as part of the partnership between Buzzfeed Studios and Acast. The next series will be from the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network, a true-crime YouTube channel with 5.38 million subscribers, breaking down conversations around unexplained phenomena, mysteries, and conspiracy theories. 

Acast is involved in both the pre-production and post-production phases of developing the podcasts, from providing production services and creative direction to launching and distributing them. The podcasts will also be monetised with advertising, sponsorship, and integrated branded content available for purchasing through Acast either programmatically or directly. 

“We’re thrilled to kick off our new slate of podcasts in partnership with Acast and we couldn’t be more excited that our inaugural series will dive into the delicious world of Tasty,” said Buzzfeed Studios head of unscripted Paul Ricci. “With a diverse lineup of programming on the horizon, this is the first taste of what we have in store — and we can’t wait for audiences to join us.”

Buzzfeed Studios has already launched a number of podcasts in the past across its global branches including Misunderstood The Assignment from Buzzfeed India on the highs and lows of being in your 20s, and sex and relationships podcast Pretty for An Aboriginal from Buzzfeed Australia.