Rosamund Pike and Hugh Laurie star in BBC Sounds’ “heartbreaking” new audio drama

Pike will once again play a character that fakes her own death and starts a new life

Award-winning actors Rosamund Pike and Hugh Laurie will star in the upcoming audio-drama series People Who Knew Me by BBC Sounds

The 10-part series is an adaptation of the book by the same name, written by Kim Hooper who is also a consulting producer for the podcast. It stars Pike as Emily Morris, a woman who uses the tragedy of 9/11 to fake her own death, leaving behind her husband but comes back 14 years later to face the truth after being diagnosed with breast cancer with her 13-year-old daughter. 

The podcast is produced by the makers of Apple TV thriller series Bad Sisters and production company Merman, including actress Sharon Horgan who is the executive producer for People Who Knew Me. Horgan is also behind a number of other hit TV dramas including Catastrophe and Motherland, with this representing her first audio project.

“Daniella [Isaac]’s scripts knocked me sideways – like everything Sharon Horgan works on, the story is surprising, timely, funny and moving; it’s got it all really,” said Pike, previously known for her roles in thrillers such as Gone Girl and I Care A Lot. “I am excited for people to hear what we’ve made - the wonderful thing about audio drama is that, when done well, it can feel like eavesdropping on very very private conversations…” 

Other names to join the cast list for the audio drama series include Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Isabella Sermon as the 13-year-old daughter, Poldark’s Kyle Soller, Harry Potter’s Alfred Enouch, Fleabag’s Daniella Isaac, and Encanto’s Jessica Darrow. 

People Who Knew Me is an emotionally compelling drama with a sensational cast led by Rosamund Pike,” said BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 5 Live podcast commissioning editor Dylan Haskins. “It’s fitting that this podcast will be released by the BBC, which has been pioneering audio drama for just shy of a century.” 

The first episode will be released on BBC Sounds first on 23 May and the second will come out on 25 May while the rest of the series will continue to release twice-weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The entire series will also be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 starting on 26 June.