Adthos trials AI-powered audio ad creation tool

Self-service portal allows brands to submit briefs and instantly produce personalised ads

Ad-sales platform Adthos has released a test version of a self-service portal that allows brands to instantly generate audio ads created entirely by AI.

To create an audio ad, advertisers will have to submit a short briefing questionnaire through the Adthos portal, which includes the name of the product or service and the ad’s target audience. The platform will then use AI technology to generate a script and add AI voices, as well as other sound effects and music, to create an audio ad that can be instantly played out. Publishers can also benefit from a personalised feature on the self-service platform which enables them to add their own branding. 

“Adthos has delivered several firsts to the industry, but I am more excited about this than any other so far,” said Adthos CEO Raoul Wedel. “We have been working with OpenAI for the last two years as part of their programs and have already pioneered its use for creative script writing.”

“The addition of AI to select voices, music, and sound effects takes it to a new and exciting level. I can’t wait to see what people do with it!”

Adthos uses “a dozen AI technologies” to create the audio ads, including the latest OpenAI language model ChatGPT-4, to create text output for the script. Additionally, Adthos uses its own AI voice library which includes samples from hundreds of individuals that collectively hold 100 IMDB credits, including Emmy-award winners and presenters from the US top 10 morning shows.

The AI audio-ad features are currently in trial mode with a selected two dozen of the world’s largest publishers currently testing it, but other publishers can apply for participation in the trial by emailing the platform. Additionally, interested creators can also access a demo version of the creative studio to try the audio ads using synthetic voices. 

More podcast creators have also started to experiment with AI technology, including audio content agency Distorted which recently released a new scripted narrative series, Synthetic Stories, created entirely using AI technology in just 24 hours. The team used a number of Open AI platforms to create all the elements of the podcast including script, artwork, voiceover, music, and even the press release that was sent out to the media to promote the podcast.