Critical Role buys IP rights for sci-fi podcast Midst, marking its first-ever acquisition

Early seasons of Midst to be re-released with remastered audio and video episodes

Production company Metapigeon, established by Critical Role, has announced its acquisition of sci-fi podcast Midst

This marks Critical Role Productions’ first-ever entertainment acquisition since the company transformed its legacy from hosting famous Dungeons and Dragons livestream campaigns in 2012 to expanding its brand with an animated web series titled The Legend of Vox Machina on Prime Video. 

As part of the acquisition, Critical Role will continue working in partnership with Midst’s three anonymous creators and narrators – collectively known as Third Person – to produce new seasons of the show. The company will also re-release the first two seasons of the podcast with remastered audio and video episodes, with original animated artwork created by a network of artists. 

“As part of our ongoing effort to expand the types of narratives we share, and elevate new storytellers, we remain focused on exploring diverse IP in a multitude of mediums,” said Critical Role business and development senior vice-president Ben Van Der Fluit. “Working with the narrators of Midst has been a dream – we’re such fans of the world they have built, and we look forward to continuing to empower their creative dreams.”

The first three remastered episodes of the podcast will premiere free of cost on 11,12 and 13 April and will continue to release weekly on Wednesdays across Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Midst website subscribers can also gain access to the first five episodes on 11 April, ad-free listening, early access to future episodes two weeks in advance, and bonus content tailored to each episode such as documents and artefacts. Additionally, all remastered episodes of the Midst podcast will also jointly appear on Critical Role’s YouTube channel as videos featuring the animated artwork. 

Critical Role is behind a number of other podcasts adjacent to the main show including Campaign 1: Vox Machina, four-part saga Undeadwood, interview series Between The Sheets hosted by Critical Role former producer Brian Wayne Foster, and more.

“In lieu of the trumpet and explosion emojis that would be the truest expression of our feelings, we can say with full sincerity that we are over the moon to have found partners with such phenomenal passion and talent for creative multimedia storytelling,” said the Midst podcast founders. “Critical Role and Metapigeon are enabling us to bring Midst to life in ways we never imagined possible, and we can’t wait to share what’s in store with fans both old and new."