Host-read podcast ad marketplace Gumball extends platform to YouTubers

Advertisers will have opportunity to promote campaigns through on-screen host videos

Gumball, the advertising marketplace that sells host-read podcast ads, has announced that it has extended its platform to YouTube content creators and advertisers. 

Advertisers can now promote their brands on the video platform by collaborating with top YouTube talent through Gumball’s inventory, and run engaging and visual campaigns through on-screen host-read advertisements and creative promotional videos such as unboxings, product reviews, how-to guides, skits, and more.   

With the increasing popularity of video podcasting, this move allows Gumball to continue serving its podcasters that primarily deliver content through YouTube as well as other YouTube content creators. Rather than going back and forth between marketers and content creators when it comes to running campaigns, this integration standardises the monetisation process for YouTube creators and brands, similar to how podcast ad marketplaces already work. 

“Gumball has proven to be a game changer for independent content creators and advertisers in podcasting and we are excited to bring this win, win approach to YouTube,” said Gumball co-founder and CEO Marty Michael. “Given the close engagement content creators have with their audiences, a host-read or on-screen ad integration is highly coveted by advertisers.

“Gumball streamlines what was previously a cumbersome and labour-intensive process with a self-service model that provides advantages to all concerned.”

Video podcasters and YouTube content creators will also benefit from gaining access to top-name brands that have partnered with Gumball, manage ad campaigns, earn revenue quickly, track ad performance through download data provided by Gumball, and book advertising spots. 

Gumball has already tested a beta version of the YouTube integration which led to campaigns run by over 50 YouTube channels with more than 37.5 million subscribers, including content creators and podcast hosts Theo and Harris, Game Grumps, HIVEMIND, and more. 

“Gumball already supports some of the biggest podcasting brands, including Nike, Procter & Gamble, Molson Coors, Casper, HBO, Netflix, Squarespace, Estée Lauder, Amazon, Athletic Greens, PayPal and Warby Parker,” said Michael. “We are excited to work with these brands and others to take advantage of the exceptional content integrations made possible on YouTube.”

In recent news, YouTube has continued to make advancements to its platform to cement itself as a major player in the podcast industry, including the latest integration of podcast management and performance tracking tools in YouTube Studio. Podcasts will also soon be coming to YouTube Music in the future, according to the website.