Libsyn podcast creators can now distribute subscription content on Spotify

New partnership announced between Libsyn’s monetisation platform and Spotify

Podcast company Libsyn has announced the launch of Spotify Open Access on its third-party monetisation platform,, which allows creators to distribute subscriber-only content across it. 

This partnership will allow podcast creators on the platform to reach Spotify’s over 500 million monthly active users while still being able to retain full control over their podcasts’ subscriber bases, content and revenue. 

“With the mission of giving podcast creators more opportunities to grow their businesses, Libsyn is thrilled to kick off our partnership with Spotify by officially launching Spotify Open Access,” said Libsyn principal product manager Yvette Menase. “Creators can easily unlock this feature for their podcast, open a world of possibilities for growing their reach, and manage their relationship with their audience on their terms.”

Participating creators can integrate Spotify Open Access with both free and paid subscription programmes by scrolling through their account dashboards and clicking Spotify Publish to automatically distribute their content on the other platform. Creators also then have the option to delete their content from Spotify at a later stage. 

Only customers with exclusive feed setups are eligible to use the Spotify Open Access feature and will have to link their Spotify accounts to their membership in order to distribute their content. This is available to customers at no additional cost. 

Apart from this partnership with Spotify, Libsyn has made several investments in the podcasting space as it continues establishing its presence in the market, including the acquisition of in April 2021. This allowed creators to create additional revenue streams with podcast paywalls, exclusive content, paid membership programmes and listener-supported revenue and donations. 

Other acquisitions and partnerships that Libsyn has recently made include a data integration partnership with YouTube to allow advertisers to access video podcast download and performance data, as well as the expansion of its subsidiary, Julep, an ad sales and hosting platform which it acquired in August 2022 through its advertising marketplace, AdvertiseCast.