Voiceworks Sport to offer enhanced podcast advertising analytics through partnership with Veritonic

Advertisers will be able to track performance of ad campaigns and listener behaviour

Audio production company Voiceworks has announced a partnership with audio research and analytics platform Veritonic to offer enhanced podcast advertising analytics for campaigns booked through its Sport Social Podcast Network.

With this partnership, advertisers can benefit from Veritonic’s audio technology which allows them to accurately analyse the performance of podcast ad campaigns through live data including advert exposure, anonymised podcast listener behaviour, site visits, shopping cart activity, and more. 

“We remain committed to helping the global audio and podcast industry grow and thrive, and a large part of this is demonstrating the results the medium can deliver for engaging listeners and increasing ROI,” said Veritonic international and brand sales general manager Damian Scragg. “We are pleased to work with the Voiceworks.ai team to bring our measurement and attribution technology to their clients and provide advertisers with the data they need to succeed.”

Voiceworks also benefits from this partnership by being able to determine which ads have had the highest impact on listeners within its sports network by tracking the top ads, conversions and transactions as well as determining which activities directly influence the listener’s behaviour. 

“We know just how valuable podcast advertising can be for customer engagement and brand awareness, from being able to tap into specific listener demographics to the fact that podcast ads offer higher engagement than other mediums,” said Voiceworks Sport managing director Sophie Hind. “This has been proven in the work we’ve done with some of our major clients in recent years, which has led to great results and seen podcast advertising become a core part of their strategy going forward.

“Now we can take these campaigns a step further, using the insight and measurement from Veritonic’s platform, to tweak in real time.”

Brands that have advertised with Voiceworks in the past include global litigation expert Pogust Goodhead, which ran a successful My Diesel Claim World Cup podcast advertising campaign through the Sports Social Podcast Network. The company has since continued to use podcast advertising as part of its marketing strategy.

“Daily reporting and analytical data are integral for any brand to continue to grow and develop,” said Pogust Goodhead chief technology and marketing officer Rich Hill. “SSPN’s reporting and responsiveness allowed us to monitor, track and optimise our podcast advertising, helping us diversify and expand the audience base of My Diesel Claim while maintaining a low cost per action.”

Voiceworks is operated under audio and media company Communicorp UK and has worked with a number of brands to develop audio strategies and projects like branded podcasts, including major organisations such as World Gymnastics Championship and Paralympic GB.