Former Love is Blind contestants launch new reality show recap podcast

A new reality show podcast has launched recapping moments from the latest season of Love is Blind with season 2 contestants Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee. 

The weekly series, Out of the Pods, is officially launching today featuring Vempati and Lee in conversation, sharing unfiltered thoughts, hot takes and behind-the-scenes and insider information as they recap the latest episodes of season 4. 

“If you don’t know us, we’re from Love is Blind season 2, AKA the most boring season of Love is Blind according to the internet, and we’re both known for saying ‘I  don’t’ to our fiancés at the altar and choosing ourselves,” said Lee. “We’re taking a shot every time we say that.”  

“We started this podcast because while the newest Love is Blind seasons were airing, we got so many questions from you guys and of course we had our own thoughts, not just as viewers but as people who went through this crazy experiment,” said Vempati. “We have a unique perspective to share with you.”

The pair also revealed that they heard rumours about the third season that they knew weren’t true based on sources from their cast members, but didn’t have the platform to share the real stories, which the podcast now allows them to do. Special guests from past and the current season will also be making an appearance on the podcast to talk to Vempati and Lee about their experiences on the show.

This isn’t the first companion podcast to the Love is Blind dating reality show, following others such as entertainment news platform AfterBuzz TV’s The Love is Blind After Show Podcast, which launched in 2020 after the first season aired, and reality TV podcast Escape to Reality, which has done breakdown episodes on previous seasons of the show as well as the current fourth season.  

Other reality-show companion podcasts include the hit Love Island: The Morning After podcast, which is currently being produced by production company Listen. In a previous interview with PodPod, the show’s executive producer, Suzy Grant, spoke about how the podcast helped fans to engage with the show and build a community. 

“We spend a lot of time and energy on the programmes, characters and stories that the audience gets so invested in, and companion podcasts are a really great way to build community around those shows,” said Grant. “We’re keeping a really close eye on how the community is doing, how the audience is responding, and always working to try and refine it so it’s the best experience for people.”