Tim’s Twitter Listening Party to become six-part podcast series

Fall Out Boy and The Kinks among the guests for Absolute Radio show

Tim Burgess, lead singer of rock band The Charlatans, is adapting his popular ‘Twitter listening party’ livestreams and livetweets into a six-part audio series with Absolute Radio. 

#TimsTwitterListeningParty, in which artists provide a track-by-track breakdown of one of their albums, first started in March 2020 during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic and amassed a massive and positive online response, with many users flocking to the hashtag to engage with the events, which have had over a hundred instalments since then.

Now, the listening parties are being turned into a six-part radio series with Absolute Radio and will feature interviews with artists from the albums chosen by Burgess, such as the members of Fall Out Boy who will make an appearance on 26 March, when the first episode premieres. Members from iconic 60s English rock band, The Kinks, are also confirmed to make a guest appearance later on in the series.

“During lockdown, when every day seemed like a dark one, the listening parties were a way to bring people together and we’d share an experience,” said Burgess. “It would be a fantastic album that maybe some people had heard of, some people hadn’t - a classic, maybe a brand new album - and now it’s time to bring it to Absolute Radio.” 

Episodes of the series will first premiere on radio at 10pm on Sundays and will then be available as a podcast. A number of other radio shows from the Absolute Radio network have also been adapted as podcasts for audiences to listen back to, including The Dave Berry Breakfast Show, The Frank Skinner Show, and The Jason Manford Show

“Tim’s Listening Party has become a phenomenon,” said Absolute Radio content director Paul Sylvester. “Giving audiences the chance to listen to the music and conversation while engaging with other fans on social media ties everything together. 

“It fits perfectly with Absolute Radio’s specialist and storytelling strategy, and we can’t wait to work with Tim to get the show on-air.”