PodBean SVP quits to launch podcast consulting business

Rob Greenlee says he wants to remove podcast platform bias to help other media creators

Rob Greenlee, senior vice president of content and partnerships for podcast hosting platform Podbean, has announced that he has left his position at the company to pursue his own podcasting ventures. 

Podbean vice president of sales and marketing Mark Pafume will be taking over for Greenlee, handling content and partnerships responsibilities alongside his current position.

Greenlee served in his position at PodBean from December 2022 until this month, and previously worked across other podcast companies including Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast as vice president of content and partnerships for nearly four years, Spreaker as head of content for two years, and PodcastOne as executive vice president. 

The podcast veteran wrote in a LinkedIn post that this decision came as a result of wanting to focus on being “a content creator again” and to help other podcast creators grow, promote, distribute and monetise their shows without being biased towards one podcast hosting platform over another. 

“Over my last four roles [PodcastOne, Spreaker, Libsyn and Podbean] I have been put in a position of directing people to a particular hosting platform that may or may not [have] been the correct decision,” said Greenlee. “I prefer to be a trusted and unbiased consultant of sorts towards the best solution for content creators of all the available options.” 

In addition to leaving PodBean, Greenlee announced that he is launching his own podcast network consulting business called Spoken Life Media LLC which is the same name as his podcast, Spoken Life with Rob Greenlee, which he launched in 2013 to explore how audio can build connections. Services that he will provide as part of the business include helping creators with concept building, launches, publishing, distribution, and monetisation. 

Greenlee also announced that he has co-founded podcast production, content planning, and distribution company PodcastEZ alongside CEO Rena Mcgill and head of production Mike Bajrami.

PodBean recently announced the launch of an invitation-only VIP program for premium podcasters to tempt more audiences to join its ad marketplace with access to new exclusive features such as free hosting, unlimited bandwidth for downloads, and the ability to manage an unlimited number of podcasts from one account.