CBS launches news round-up podcast as part of radio show’s 85th anniversary

Show combines broadcasts from Weekend Roundup, World News Roundup and late edition, and Kaleidoscope

In celebration of US radio program World News Roundup’s 85th anniversary, broadcasting company CBS has launched a news round-up podcast that combines top broadcasts from the brand. 

World News Roundup is the longest-running news broadcast in the US, having first launched in March 1938, and was the first program to feature global correspondents reporting for the same live broadcast. The show is currently anchored by Steve Kathan while the late edition of the show is anchored by presenter Jennifer Keiper. 

The CBS News Roundup podcast, which is launching as part of the anniversary celebration, will be an all-in-one destination platform combining top headlines from CBS news broadcast stations. The trailer launched on 6 March and an anniversary-special episode on the history of the World News Roundup radio show premiered on 12 March. 

Each week, the CBS News Roundup podcast will feature World News Roundup headlines on weekday mornings with Kathan and evenings for the late edition with Keiper, the Weekend Roundup will drop on Saturdays and Sundays with headlines from Allison Keyes, and a segment from the Kaledioscope podcast will feature every episode which addresses social justice topics like race, gender, disability, income inequality, and so on. 

CBS has a number of other news podcasts within its portfolio, including the Unsung Science podcast with presenter and CBS Sunday Morning correspondent David Pogue on the behind-the-scenes stories of great scientific achievements, Money Watch podcast with CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger answering money-related questions, and true-crime television and podcast series 48 Hours.