Emma Chamberlain’s podcast listeners more than doubled since signing exclusive deal with Spotify

Spotify’s exclusive podcast creators join the stage at the platform’s annual Stream On event

Spotify has revealed that the award-winning podcast Anything Goes by content creator Emma Chamberlain has “more than doubled its listenership” since moving exclusively to the platform. 

The announcement was made at yesterday’s annual Spotify Stream On event held at the Los Angeles Arts District where the platform made a number of announcements including the launch of a new user experience on the application, partnerships with companies like Patreon and creators like Markiplier, a new DC podcast, and the integration of hosting platforms Megaphone and Anchor into Spotify for Podcasters. 

Chamberlain was interviewed by Spotify’s head of US studios and video Julie McNamara on stage to talk about her experience since signing a multi-year licensing agreement with the platform in November 2022. She has since moved the podcast, and its entire back catalogue of episodes, over exclusively to Spotify at the start of 2023. 

“I think my favourite thing about podcasting is the ability to communicate long-form,” said Chamberlain. “Podcasting is about developing an idea, having a conversation, and I just think podcasting allows that in a way that no other medium does.” 

As part of the deal with Spotify, the podcast introduced bonus video content available on the platform which took the digital creator back to her vlogging roots that garnered her fame when she first started creating YouTube content in 2017 and gained over 11 million subscribers. 

“I think videos add another dimension,” said Chamberlain. “Audio is incredibly powerful, but seeing somebody's body language, seeing somebody's facial expressions, it feels more intimate, and I think it just allows for even more connection through the screen through the years.” 

Chamberlain’s Anything Goes podcast along with other Spotify exclusive shows like The Joe Rogan Experience, Call Her Daddy, and Case 63 were the top four most popular podcasts at the end of 2022 across Spotify Wrapped’s annual ranking chart.

Other podcast creators that joined the Spotify Stream On event in person yesterday included Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper who spoke about her experience using the new Spotify UX as a creator as well as content creator Markiplier who revealed that he has signed an exclusive podcast deal with Spotify to launch video podcasts of his shows Distractible and Go! My Favorite Sports Team starting that day. 

“Bringing video into the mix allows us to expand beyond just being a voice in [listeners’] ear, it allows us to be in the room with them,” said Markiplier. “I’ve been making videos for a very long time now and I love making videos. I love doing all of this, it’s a beautiful process of creation that just allows people to express themselves in whatever way they want.”