CoHost launches new B2B podcast analytics feature

Podcast hosting platform will offer insights into which companies and industries are listening based on episode performance

Podcast hosting platform CoHost has launched a new analytics feature targeted towards B2B brands and agencies with access to listening insights from companies and industries. 

The new feature allows brands to track which companies listeners to their podcasts work for, with breakdowns of the type of industries, company size, and average revenue, helping them gain a clearer sense of their ROI. Additionally, they can view an episode summary page to compare company insights across different episodes, an individual episode breakdown for more detailed insights, and export a list of all the companies that are listening in order to fuel lead generation activity.

“In the world of B2B marketing, data is everything,” said CoHost CEO and founder of parent company Quill, Fatima Zaidi. "We’re empowering B2B brands with the insights to see whether their podcast is reaching their target market, the ability to connect their podcast to marketing-qualified leads, and the data to justify the ROI of their show.”

The feature is powered by a partnership with B2B data activation platform ClearBit, which uses a variety of technologies to provide B2B businesses with sales intelligence information. 

Bryan Barletta, founder of podcast industry newsletter Sounds Profitable and CoHost consultant, said that the launch of this feature represents a “major win for branded podcasts everywhere”, providing information for the B2B space in the podcast industry that has so far been minimal and overlooked. 

“We tend to overlook the branded and B2B space when we size the entire podcast industry,” Barletta said. “I truly believe that this space accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars that don’t get accounted for in the IAB estimates. The tools we have today tailored to the B2B space are minimal… I’m excited to see the continued growth and focus from CoHost on providing tools specifically built for such a massive and yet unreported part of our industry.”

B2B podcast agency Content Allies founder and CEO Jack Jorgovan also added that knowing who’s listening will “take the guesswork out of ROI” and allow for brands to better justify their production budgets, hit their target audience, and build their sales pipeline by having access to better podcast insights.